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We are
a global technology transfer platform

About us

Metalab is a global technology transfer platform. Our business involves five industries: Energy & Environment; Material Science; Chemistry & Chemical; Biotechnology & Agriculture; Mechanical & Electronic. All public can submit their technology solutions and technology solution requests on the platform. Our core strategies are rapidly expanding partner system, integrated professional services and sharing economy in technology transfer.

Our mission

Assemble global resource to link technology to industry, create sustainable and growing value for society.

Our vision

To be one of the most comprehensive, effective and efficient technology transfer platforms with professional technology commercialization service in the world.

Rapidly expanding partner system

Why become a partner?

Overseas partner can promote the technology or product into Chinese market.
Chinese partner can distribute the technology to the local market.
All the partners are linked through the Metalab platform.

How to become a partner?

Partner System

Customized Technology Commercialization Model with Integrated support service

Business Model

Customized Service

Sharing Economy & Technology Transfer

Sharing Economy

Technology solutions
Technology needs

Sharing Economy Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Cross border technology cooperation

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